Clear Flow Water Hose (Reviews & Complete Guide 2020)

The Clear Flow water hose is the latest premium product from Everlastic Plastics EPI Inc. The hose is lightweight and heavy-duty so you can use it many other purposes like a motorhome, Horse, Marine, boat and any other water supply in the garden or house. The hose gives you freshwater supply and UV rays pass through the clear material to help kill bacteria and algae growth.

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Best Flat Water Hose

Best Flat Garden Hose SpecsClear Flow Water Hose

  • Brand- Proper Pour
  • Item Weight-10.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions- 9.7 x 8.5 x 2.2 inches
  • Material – Vinyl
  • Fittings- Lead-free nylon
  • Size- 10, 25 and 50 feet
  • Price- $15+ (for 50 feet)
  • Rating- 4.5 (160+ reviews)

The Good

  • Extra Lightweight(1.6 pounds)
  • No Rubber Taste(pure polyurethane)
  • Flexible and kink-resistant
  • Easy to coil up
  • 10-year warranty

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The Bad

  • Hot water may hamper the hose

Best Water Hose (Our Analysis Of Clear Flow expandable water hose)

The clear flow hose is flexible, crushproof, freeze-resistant and kink resistant. The PSI of the hose is 230burst strength durability and with increasing water pressures, hose expands to 3/4″ at 90psi.

All-weather flexible

The hose is crush-proof and freezes resistance. Hence it is freeze-proof so you can get nice water supply in the winter season even if the temperature is below under 14 F and it remains flexible down to -40. It is a versatile hose that fits all connectors, spigot, and a variety of reels.

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The hose is fully recyclable so it has no environmental pollution. The traditional rubber or PVC garden hose contains an unhealthy level of lead phthalates and BPA which is an endocrine-disrupting chemical that impacts our hormonal system and may contribute a host of harmful health effects including breast and prostate cancer, infertility, type-2 diabetes, obesity, asthma, and attention deficit disorder.

Great Fittings

Clear Flow Water Hose

It has lead-free nylon and also has a patented polyurethane fitting in both ends which allows for the snug seal, unlike the leaking brass ones. Clear flow hose has used North American NSF Nylon approved materials. The nylon fittings make the hose durable and great looking.

The hose is available in different lengths like 25,50,75 and 100 feet. And the great advantage of the hose is it has 10 years warranty. Overall, Clear Flow is the best lightweight water hose in the market available right now.

wall mounted hose reel metal

Proper Pour 10 Foot Clear 3/16″ ID 7/16″ OD FDA Approved Vinyl Tube Multi-Purpose- Beer Line

  • Proper Pour PVC tubes are ideal for general use
  • Made of high-quality material with smooth interior and exterior

FAQ about this Proper Pour 10 Foot Clear 3/16″ ID 7/16″ OD FDA Approved Vinyl Tube Multi-Purpose- Beer Line

Can it be used Outside?
Yes this tube is durable enough to use outside as in a water feature or fountain.
Will it work with an 80 mph submersible pump?
Depends on distance and flow rate you are using this pump for.
Does this tubing give off a plastic taste?
No it does not

The final verdict – is Clear Flow water hose for you?

Finally, remember that this is a drinking water hose as well as an expandable garden hose. It is flat, easy to coil up and backed by a 10-year warranty. If this review was helpful to you, let us know. Shoot a comment below with any questions or comments about gardening or even with any other garden hose you’d like reviewed.

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  • Debbie Pickering

    I am looking for either a 50 foot or 100 foot flat hose. I had one and someone stole it. It was the best hose I ever had. Never froze and was awesome. Where can I buy one? I am from Massachusetts.

  • Claudia Casser

    Where can I buy the 3/4 inch hose? I’ve looked everywhere on the web and cannot find it in stock anywhere, whether Amazon, Ebay, or anywhere else.

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