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Dewalt 40v Hedge Trimmer Reviews: Must Read Before You Buy

by Garden Moz

When you love gardening, you need to make your garden beautiful. To increase the beauty of your garden you must trim your plants head, leaf, and branch. To perform this job best hedge trimmer helps you greatly for a great outdoor gardening experience. The Dewalt is one of the best brands on the market that provide Dewalt 40v Hedge Trimmer which can be able to meet your all demand.

Dewalt Dedge Trimmer

The Dewalt is the brand that helps people by providing best garden and lawn tools like the best hedge trimmer, weed eater, String Trimmers, Lawn Mowers, Leaf Blowers, Sweepers, Hedge Trimmers, Edgers, and many more useful tools. Among all the hedge trimmer, DEWALT DCHT860M1 40V MAX 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer
Dewalt 40v Hedge Trimmer

Plenty of advanced features, easy to use

DEWALT DCHT860M1 40V MAX 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer

Among all the DEWALT hedge trimmer, it has got the coziest design with maximum cutting power. I think it will be able to give you maximum utility by making your gardening journey wonderful.


This nice hedge trimmer has got some cool features including:
Check Hooked-tooth guard blade
Check Lithium-Ion Battery
Check Charge indicator
Check 22″ Laser cut
Check Dual-action blades
Check Xenoy housing

All of these features and more are housed in a bigger, more compact, cozy design.

Dewalt 40v Hedge Trimmer Reviews

Before we dive into the specs of the DEWALT DCHT860M1 40V MAX 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer, let’s take a high-level view of the pros and cons of this nice looking hedge trimmer.

Dual-action blades
22″ Laser cut
Lithium-Ion Battery
Little bit heavy



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When you love gardening and the beauty of garden or plants you must need a professional hedge trimmer. Because you must need the help of a hedge trimmer when you trim your plants to increase the beauty of your lawn, garden or plants. There are different types of trimmer available in the market.  You can use both a manual hedge trimmer or a machine hedge trimmer. Definitely, a machine hedge trimmer is better than a manual hedge trimmer.

Dewalt 40v Hedge Trimmer

Among the available machine, hedge trimmer “DEWALT DCHT860M1 40V MAX 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer”  is one of the best and amazing hedge trimmer. It has the coziest design that ensures durability and longlasting. For non-stop power supply it has included 40v MAX 4.0 AhLithium-Ion Battery. To know the proper charging system it also has a charge indicator, along with a charger.

It also is known as a heavy duty hedge trimmer for its 22″ Laser cut. The large blade ensures the large cutting capacity and dual-action system of this blades increase the cutting power as double than another professional hedge trimmer. This blade also is known as hooked-tooth guard blade so, you can cut the branches up to 3-4 inch thick. To ensures the durability of this hedge trimmer it has xenoy housing.

Dewalt 40v Hedge Trimmer

It is very easy and comfortable to use because of a comfortable grip wrap around the auxiliary handle. Some other common features of this DEWALT hedge trimmer are  4AH power supply, a 22-inch laser cut with dual action blades and a 3/4-inch cutting gap, a 40v Lithium-Ion battery, a charge indicator, a charger with a comfortable grip handle. For long -lasting, long runtime with sharpness and a precise cut, it has a hardened blade.

For controlled or fast actuation it has a safety lock with a wrap-around auxiliary handle for comfortable grip in multiple cutting orientations. The removable top cover of this trimmer helps you to easy access to brushes and with the removable gear case cover, you can easily exchange the blades. The 40v Lithium-Ion battery ensures up to 70 minutes of runtime on a single charge.

Overview of this product at a glance:  According to your need it easily makes the multiple uses of this hedge trimmer. The dimension of the product is 44.9 x 9.2 x 9.3 inches and the item weight is 11.9 pounds. So, it is a long-lasting, durable and heavy-duty hedge trimmer. Another feature of this hedge trimmer is it has a premium micro texture soft grip with adjustable height and handles that provide comfort and control while using the tool.

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FAQ about DEWALT DCHT860M1 40V MAX 4.0 Ah Lithium Ion Hedge Trimmer

How much does the hedger and battery weigh?
DeWalt has it listed at about 12lbs
will dewalt 40 volt tools work with 20/60 flexvolt batteries?
Is this trimmer brushless?
No, The DCHT860M1 is not a brushless motor

Another version of DEWALT hedge trimmer

DEWALT is a famous brand to the professional gardener because it provides the quality garden tool to their customer. Beside the above hedge trimmer, this manufacturer also provides some other quality hedge trimmer.

DEWALT DCHT820P1 20 V Max Hedge Trimmer with 5AH Pack

Dewalt 40v Hedge Trimmer

Plenty of advanced features, easy to use

DEWALT DCHT820P1 20 V Max Hedge Trimmer with 5AH Pack

This is a great long lasting tool for professional gardeners providing by DEWALT. It is very durable, long-lasting and has exceptional quality and value. This is a quality product at a decent price. You should definitely give this tool a try.


If this review was helpful to you, please let us know. Shoot a comment below with any questions or comments about gardening tools because your comments or critics are very valuable to us. Cheers!

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