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Flexzilla Garden Hose (Reviews & Complete Guide 2020)

by Garden Moz

The Flexzilla Garden Hose is the latest premium product from popular Legacy Manufacturing Inc.Hose and couplings are heavy-duty and appear to be with the intention to very last a long term. Decided it smooth to roll the hose up after use now not like preceding hoses which felt like you have got been wrestling an alligator.

Best Flexible Garden Hose Review

Best Heated Water Hose For RV (Flexzilla drinking water hose) Specs

Flexzilla Garden Hose

  • Brand- Flexzilla
  • Item Weight- 8.0 lbs
  • Product Dimensions- 1 x 0.63 x 1 inches
  • Material -Flexible Hybrid Polymer
  • Fittings- aluminum machined
  • Size- 3,5,10,25,50,75 and 100 feet
  • Price- $30+ (for 50 feet)
  • Rating- 4.2 (1300+ reviews)


The Good

  • All-weather flexible
  • Great aluminum fittings which added durability
  • Lead, BPA, Phthalate-free
  • Flexible Hybrid Polymer
  • Heavy duty and Lightweight

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The Bad

  • Sunlight may cause the hose to lose green color
  • Do not hang nicely on a rack
Some of our visitors had some bad experience with this hose. Our visitor Linda Crow said, ‘You cannot coil it up because it keeps flipping and knotting up. I got knots out of it 7 times while I was trying to water my flowers this afternoon. then 3 more times while I was trying to coil it up.

And the nozzle, which should stay in the hose, keeps popping out. I had to stop twice and go get it. One of those times I had to get over in the middle of my wet flower beds to pick up the nozzle. Then you have to turn the water off, put the nozzle back in, and hope it stays. Oh, yes, and I have only had it two days!!’

Best RV Water Hose (Our Analysis On Best Flexible Water Hose)

The main feature of the hose is kink-free, tangle-free, flexible with our revolutionary, patent-pending, leak-free swivel grip, which is easy to move and maneuver. The other important features are given below

Flexible in All Weather

Flexzilla stays flexible even in extreme weather conditions, like -40 Degree to 150 Degree F Ambient(according to Flexzilla), but believe me, it does not get stiff like other normal hoses in extreme weather.

Easy to CoilFlexzilla Garden Hose

Flexzilla hose is super easy to coil and doesn’t fight you when coiling it. An important note, when you will use it for the first time, try to lay it flat as much as possible and then turn on the water pressure and set it for one hour. This will be helpful to settle in and it will adjust the actual coil position.

The coil has zero memory which means it will stay flat, coils easily and sprinkler will not twist. Hence this hose is kink-free so it is easy to coil.

Drinking-Water SafeFlexzilla Garden Hose

It has a flexible hybrid polymer in the inner tube, so you will get the safe drinking water. It is more rigid than regular drinking water hose and you will get no plasticky or chlorine taste in the water.

Flexible Hybrid Polymer

Flexzilla hose doesn’t kink underwater pressure stay flexible cool temperature and comes with a lifetime warranty. Hence it is flexible it is easier to move and used in the garden yard. This is made from premium hydride polymer which makes it long lasting.the hose has anodized aircraft aluminum ends on both sides which never rust by this you can easily adjust with any other hose or machine.

 DurableFlexzilla Garden Hose

The running strain for the Flexzilla Lawn Hose is 165psi. Till Legacy gets its geese in a row, it more secure to expect the max strain is certainly 150 psi. The hose has anodized aluminum alloy fittings, dyed green, at each end. Anodizing, when done carefully and the brought oxide layer is uniformly continuous without faults, significantly increases the resistance of aluminum to galvanic corrosion.

This fabric is a formula of polyurethane, it usually seems to put flat on the floor and we can need to see what happens when temps drop beneath freezing and it stays at the reel for months at a time, but until we are demonstrated wrong. I will say that that is the first-class hose we’ve ever encounter and might endorse it to each person.

FAQ about Yard Butler Deluxe Heavy Duty Wall Mount Hose Hanger

Is this item made IN USA?
No, it made in Tawain
Is it easy to rolling?
Yes, it’s much easier.
What is the burst/psi strength?
500 PSI

Other Versions Of Flexzilla Drinking Water Hose

Flexzilla has other versions of water hose which are also great. Let’s review the top Flexzilla water hose below

Flexzilla Colors Garden Hose with Swivel grip

Flexzilla Garden Hose

Great Pick
Style: As pictured
Brand: Flexzilla
Rating: 5.0
Warranty: 1 Year
Price: $60+

All-weather flexible
Easy to coil out
Male and female SwivelGrip

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Flexzilla Manufacturing offers several nice accessories you can purchase to use the Camco water hose. The best accessories of Flexzilla is given below

Flexzilla Pro Water Hose Reusable Fitting

Flexzilla Garden Hose

Great Pick
Style: As pictured
Brand: Flexzilla
Rating: 4.9(20+ review)
Warranty: 1 Year
price: $8+

Very flexibility and field repairable
Male and Female GHT fitting
1 Year Warranty

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The final verdict – is Flexzilla hose for you?

Finally, remember that if you are looking for Expandable Hoses or Soaker Hoses, I think this is not the right choice. This is more of a drinking water hose and we can say that that is the first-class hose we’ve ever encounter and might endorse it to each person. If this review was helpful to you, let us know. Shoot a comment below with any questions or comments about gardening or even with any other garden hose you’d like reviewed.

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